A Guide to Linux & Unix Web Hosting

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Linux/Unix web hosting is generally the most economical web hosting option. Expect to pay no more than $6/month total for basics plus lots of resources and support. Because Unix is free and open source, web hosts can offer exceptional deals.

Unix and Linux are stable, secure and free and open source products. They’re compatible with other open-source technologies like PHP, Python and MySQL. If you choose Linux/Unix programming and pair it with a cheap web host, you’ll be making a very shrewd business move.

Who Uses Linux/Unix?

Linux/Unix is used by about 5% of developers. These include developers at major corporations and for governments worldwide such as those in Brazil, China, France, Germany and India.

Disadvantages of Unix/Linux Hosting

Since Linux/Unix is stable, secure, and more cost-effective than other hosting options, you might wonder why everyone doesn’t use this open-source option? A main answer is ease of use. Unix hosting requires some knowledge of Unix commands. Unless you hire someone, you might need to spend many hours learning Unix language before you can build your site properly.


The Top Affordable Unix/Linux Webhosts

Several companies on our Top Ten Hosts list offer cheap Unix or Linux hosting along with a suite of their favorite Unix tools and applications. Since free source code is involved, you can always get more add-ons and free advice from the online Linux/Unix community.

Three top Unix hosts are BlueHost, HostMonster and FatCow:

BlueHost – BlueHost has been hosting Unix websites since 1996. Their cheap Linux hosting includes 24/7 support, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domain hosting. You can use a demo of their site builder at BlueHost.com.

HostMonster – HostMonster also includes excellent US-based support, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains with their Linux hosting.

FatCow – FatCow emphasizes its environmentally friendly choice of power (wind) along with its low prices and ample bandwidth allowance on Linux/Unix hosting services.

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