Alternatives to Traditional Free Webhosting

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I recently blogged about three traditional free web hosting companies:, and 000Webhost. These sites are analogous to paid web hosts like Go Daddy. In other words, you build the entire site and are responsible for generating all traffic.

Besides using web hosts like these, you can use another family of free hosts: websites like YouTube and HubPages that publish user-generated content and already get plenty of traffic. These are great places to build brand awareness and point people toward your primary website. Here are some examples to inspire you.

Use YouTube to Promote Your Business

YouTube isn’t merely there to entertain you. YouTube can help you meet business goals if you regard it as a free webhost for your product or service. With SEO expertise your video will get high rankings not only in YouTube but also in Bing, Google and other search engines. How valuable is that? YouTube videos altogether get about three billion daily views worldwide.

Example of YouTube for a Small Business

Posting on YouTube is an excellent way to help establish legitimacy for a young company. One example is The Open Door Trading Company, an investment company that supports sustainable businesses. Even before buying keywords or completing their website, The ODTC reached potential investors via YouTube videos of their Honduran coffee farms and other investment projects.

YouTube also made it easy to embed videos on the investment group’s website. Hosting videos on their own site eliminates the distractions of YouTube and helps keep people focused on The ODTC’s investment projects.

YouTube and Global Giants

Of course, video is useful to businesses of all sizes. IKEA recently launched a YouTube channel named “How to Build.” It shows customers how to assemble IKEA furniture. To encourage additional viewing, IKEA lists these how-to videos with other IKEA channels like “Find Your Style” and “Fix This Kitchen.”

IKEA’s smart YouTube channel design makes it convenient for visitors to “Like” IKEA on Facebook too.

Making the Most of YouTube

To make the most of YouTube hosting, first find out what it’s like to be a YouTube viewer. Then imagine yourself as your potential audience. This will help you make smart design decisions.

Be sure to optimize your video script with keywords to help boost rankings. Also, post videos regularly. Regular posting will help you build enough videos to have an appealing channel. The more videos you post, the more you’ll be able to attract traffic and improve your ranking.

Use HubPages to Promote Your Product

HubPages is a high-traffic site that provides free subdomains for writers. Without needing to know programming languages, HubPage writers can add images, videos, polls, comment sections and other advanced features to their pages. They also have the opportunity to share in AdSense revenue without ever paying for ads. Here’s a sample HubPage with a few features highlighted:

A Key to Success on HubPages

If an article is a straight-out advertisement, it will be rejected by the HubPages community. The key to success with HubPages is content marketing. In other words, share great content! Provide information that is entertaining or useful instead of a hard sell.

The HubPage shown here is ideal for content marketing. It primarily provides useful information about the hemp plant. This helps attract visitors to the webpage naturally. Hemp products for sale are the secondary focus:

HubPages brings plenty of organic traffic to content-rich pages. It even includes an easy-to-use keyword feature. Also, the website will display your article randomly when people surf the HubHopper.

Your Next Steps

Once you’ve created engaging content on YouTube or HubPages, submit your links to sites like and StumbleUpon. You might also publish on other free sites with user-generated content. Squidoo and Pinterest are some good starting points. However, they don’t offer the free revenue sharing of HubPages.

In sum, the Internet provides plenty of opportunities to build brand awareness and otherwise market your business for free. Those who apply SEO to their work can enjoy excellent payoffs in the long term with no investment but time.