An Internet Safety Guide for Parents and Children

In years past, when children wanted to learn about new things and far off lands they either went to the library to borrow a book or listen to the radio. From these outlets children and adults were exposed to new and unknown cultures and people. However, with the technology of today people can learn about new worlds from the comfort of their home. With the Internet, kids, teens and adults can read and see information about any topic imaginable, all with just a few clicks.

While the Internet has provided people with a new world of information easily accessible, it is not without its perils. The Internet has opened a new area of criminal activity and concerns. While information is available for viewing, people need to be concerned with downloading material such as illegal content, copy written material and potential viruses. While bullying has been part of life for decades, a new breed of bully – the cyberbully – has begun to be part of our lives. While information is readily available online, people are starting to become online targets of scams and frauds. And, the Internet has become a dangerous place where online predators look for opportunities to take advantage of people by hiding behind the veil of an online persona.

To learn more about how parents can help protect kids and teens from the dangers of the Internet, Hosting Reviews has gathered a number of resources. Please feel free to browse the material, and help children remain safe online.

Downloading Material

Social Media

  • Social Media Etiquette – useful information on how to properly use social medial.
  • Social Media Rules – rules and advice on how to use proper social medial etiquette.
  • Social Media – helpful site providing the do’s and don’t’s of using social media.


Online Scams and Fraud

  • Common Online Scams – information on a variety of online scams that have been attempted.
  • Internet Fraud – useful site providing information on the dangers of Internet fraud.
  • Cyber Fraud – informative website containing tips and advice on how to avoid being a victim of online scams.

Online Predators

Parent Information

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