Best Web Hosts for E-Commerce

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The US government reported in May 2012 that ecommerce grew more rapidly than other business sectors in 2010. This was true for online retail, online manufacturing and various niche markets. Thousands of web hosts have responded to this boom by offering deals on ecommerce hosting. But which hosts can you trust? Our webhost reviews help narrow the options.

ColdFusion Hosts for E-Commerce

ColdFusion hosts are staples for e-commerce websites. By supporting CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) these hosts let you design engaging, interactive websites with advanced back-end functions. ColdFusion hosts have a special capability: They can convert CFML to HTML. You can use a few other programming languages in ColdFusion too.

Not every web host can support CFML. In our reviews, Arvixe and IX Web Hosting are two of the best cheap ColdFusion hosts.

ColdFusion vs. PHP Webhosting

The basic alternative to ColdFusion is PHP. Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are all examples of PHP scripting. Some prominent websites that use PHP include Digg, Facebook and Wikipedia. As the example of Facebook shows, PHP allows for many advanced functions and serious user engagement.

Are you considering ColdFusion versus PHP hosting? Here are a few issues to consider:

  • PHP hosting generally costs less than ColdFusion hosting does.
  • ColdFusion is often the best option for ecommerce because of its focus on integration with databases. Still, websites written in PHP can work with many databases too.
  • PHP allows for dynamic design. ColdFusion allows for even more advanced functions, but these aren’t essential for most companies.
  • ColdFusion hosts might offer better security than PHP hosts can. PHP is reliable but it can’t control for programmer error to the degree that ColdFusion can. Programming errors can cause security vulnerabilities that harm ecommerce.

Find the Best Web Host

See our reviews of top ten web hosts for tips about the best ColdFusion and PHP hosts. Find out which are the speediest, which run on green power and which provide unlimited bandwidth use.

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