Computer Related RSI Prevention Guide

In today’s technology fueled world, people are spending more time than ever on computers both at home and at work. Plus with the various devices that people are using, desktops, laptops and even smart phones are putting new stress on users. In the past few years, these factors have caused people to have various types of computer related Repetitive Stress Injuries. These RSI’s can have an effect on computer users head, neck, back, arms and hands. Some of these injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can cause people to be unable to work and may require surgery. Other, RSI’s need for computer users to either reduce the amount of time on computers or use equipment to help ease the strain.

With the increasing amount of injuries because of computers, the medical profession have spent a great deal of time looking at the ergonomic effect of using various computers and have come up with ways to prevent these injuries by using computers in the correct manner, including posture and equipment. Experts in the field have identified problem areas of Repetitive Strain Injuries, what causes them, how to treat them and more importantly how to prevent these injuries. The use of proper ergonomics in the workplace has become an important part of the workplace and can reduce the likelihood of lost time due to Repetitive Strain Injuries.

What follows are some helpful resources to learn about Repetitive Strain Injuries and what we as computer users can do to prevent them. We here at hope you enjoy learning more about this painful affliction and hope you can stay free of these injuries.

Repetitive Strain Injury Definition


Repetitive Strain Injury Causes

Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment

Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention

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We hope this article was helpful in providing you with information on Repetitive Strain Injuries. Hopefully, by following some of the suggestions, you will not be a victim of this common computer related disorder.