Computer Security Resource Guide

Getting information and resources from online sources can be fun, informative and easy. With technology that exists today, computer uses can receive a wide range of information on any subject with ease to your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Once you have the information or files you can use it as you see fit. For example, online you are able to download music, movies, documents or any other online resources. However, online activities such as downloading programs, material and email can be a dangerous proposition.

Online activity can lead to downloading computer viruses, spyware and other potential dangers to your computers and other electronic devices. There are other potential dangers to be concerned with such as phishing, pharming and receiving spam emails. While dangers do exist, one of the most important ways to be safe is through online safety such as using updated antivirus software, being smart by not downloading items from unknown sources and in general using common sense with emails and executable files. The bottom line is in order to be safe online, it is important to use sound judgement by not taking risks.

To help computer users remain safe while being online, Hosting has come up with a number of helpful sources regarding online safety. We have found some of the best information and helpful sites on topics such as spyware, spam, fraud prevention and more. We hope that you find this information useful.

Computer Viruses

Phishing and Pharming

  • Phishing Information – government site with information on the danger of emails.
  • Phishing Scams – informative information on what to watch for so that you are not a victim of a phishing scam.
  • Avoiding Phishing Fraud – information and tips on how you can avoid being a victim of phishing fraud.
  • Pharming – useful information and definition of email pharming scams.
  • Pharming Education – resource providing tips on how to avoid being a victim of identity theft through pharming.

Online Fraud

Spyware and Adware

  • Prevent and Treat Spyware – information and suggestions on how users can prevent being attacked by spyware.
  • Spyware Information – basic information on the dangers of spyware including how it works.
  • Spyware Report – paper showing the dangers of computer spyware for users.
  • Spyware – helpful site showing the dangers from computer spyware and adware.

Spam and Fraud

  • Spam Information – authoritative government information discussing the sending of unwanted information via email and potential dangers.
  • CAN-SPAM Act – informative site providing information on the federal act that controls the sending of emails.
  • Spam – reliable information from the Justice Department providing an overview of unwanted email known as spam.
  • What is Spam? – information and definition on what is spam.
  • Spam Detection – information on spam and tips on how it can be detected.

Safe Downloading and File Sharing

Additional Online Safety Resources and Information

We hope you enjoyed this information on online safety. If you follow these suggestions, you and your family should be safe when using the Internet. The Internet is a great place to enjoy information and share ideas when using it safely. Make sure you do not fall prey to one of these online threats.