Review Your Hosting Options: The Differences Between Shared, Dedicated, and Reseller Hosting

People depend on the Internet every day as a means to establish their corporate or personal presence online. For this reason, there has been more emphasis placed on finding the best shared hosting for their business website. The best shared hosting is the preferred and most popular type of hosting over the best dedicated hosting and the best reseller web hosting, but each have advantages and disadvantages. The following will discuss the differences, advantages, and disadvantage of each type of web hosting. This will make comparisons easier in order to help with choosing the type of hosting to meet the needs of an online business.

Shared Hosting

Once a domain name has been registered, finding a web host is the next step. Price tends to be an important factor that influences choice. The best shared hosting may be lower in price, because there is a minimal amount of the server being used. Shared hosting is the most basic type of hosting and the server is shared between multiple other websites. Users are prohibited administrator access which means they are limited with what can be done with the shared hosting account. Most people start with shared hosting because it is affordable and easy to use.

Shared hosting gives a webmaster access to direct support if they are using the shared hosting control panel. This type of hosting offers various features that will help build a business website without having technical knowledge. Websites can be easily expanded because shared hosting gives the ability to host multiple domains under one account. The only limits to this will be the amounts of disk space and bandwidth available to assign each website being added.

Shared hosting can be slow sometimes as compared to other hosting which could have a negative affect should the website get a lot of page visits. Shared hosting typically provides a lot of support for users which means they will not have to worry much about technical aspects of things. This type of hosting may have limits on databases and email accounts but some shared hosting companies offer 99% uptime, which means they are very reliable. Reliability is very important when it comes to finding a good web hosting company.

Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting may not provide the security that the best dedicated hosting can provide. The best dedicated hosting companies will provide security for those businesses that handle the personal information of customers. Dedicated hosting is dedicated to one website which means the server is not shared with anyone else. The webmaster will have the ability to configure server security in order to keep personal information from being compromised. Dedicated servers are viewed as the best hosting for those running large websites that receives a lot of visitors because all of the server resources are meant for only one website instead of many.

Dedicated servers are more expensive than shared a server which is the main disadvantage for those with a smaller budget to work with. With dedicated hosting the webmaster has administrator access which means they can customize the website any way they would like to. Another advantage of dedicated hosting is that priority support is offered as long as a web hosting company that offers this support is being used. There are web hosting companies that will not offer support because they assume the webmaster with administrator access can take care of things. The knowledge and skill of the webmaster will determine whether or not they choose a hosting company that offers customer support.

Reseller Hosting

The best reseller web hosting is used by website designers who also host the websites of their clients and smaller web hosts using the services of other web hosts. Reseller hosting allows a person to set up their own hosting packages. These hosting packages allow the webmaster to host other websites which each have individual accounts all under one easy to manage web hosting account. The best reseller web hosting is somewhat like shared hosting and the reliability is also similar because one package is hosting multiple websites. Reseller hosting is also cheaper than dedicated hosting.

If reseller hosting reviews are read prior to deciding on a web host, a person will learn that the low-cost of a standard reseller plan will also cover support. This means that if any problems are faced, the webmaster will be able to receive the needed support as customer support is there to make sure the businesses customers are happy. Reseller hosting reviews have mentioned that reseller hosting does not offer the flexibility to customize as one would with a dedicated server. For those running a hosting business, small in size, reseller hosting would likely fit their needs. It will also fit the needs of those who are web designers but this type of hosting may not be right for certain types of online businesses. In order to determine which type of server is best, be sure to find shared, dedicated, and reseller hosting reviews in order to find the one that will best suit the needs of your business.

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