The Ten Best Cheap Web Hosts

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Which cheap web hosts can you rely on? Start-ups offering cheap hosting often have unsustainable business plans. They fold within a few months and leave unhappy customers behind. Other hosts, like iPage, have been supporting small and medium sized businesses for years.

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The Essentials for Cheap Hosting

Regardless of your website’s purpose, you’ll probably want the following from your web host:

1.     Attractive templates. Templates are patterns for webpages. They include color schemes, font sets and professional-looking layouts for your menu bars, images, articles and other content.

2.     24-hour customer service. You’re going to design and update your website at odd hours. You’ll want a host like InMotion or BlueHost that provides free technical support around the clock.

3.     Nearly 100% up-time. Nobody can guarantee flawless hosting. Still, cheap web hosts are delivering on their promises to keep websites online for at least 99.9% of the time.

These three elements – templates, customer service, and uptime – are some basic factors to consider when choosing a host. We’ve accounted for these in our web host reviews. What else should you think about? Here are some more tips.

Automated and Custom Coding

Compare webpage design options carefully. Can you easily rearrange photos and text? Is e-commerce easily accommodated? Make sure that the web design choices fit your skill level and will let you accomplish your vision efficiently.

Some people like to have lots of built-in widgets and aren’t concerned about advanced coding possibilities. Others are interested in knowing what programming languages they can use to alter or enhance the templates.

Bandwidth: How Much Traffic Can You Handle?

Bandwidth is another feature to consider. Even with cheap hosting, extensive to unlimited bandwidth is typically made available. Three of our top hosts offering unlimited bandwidth include HostMonster, Just Host and HostGator.

Most small and medium-sized businesses don’t need unlimited hosting. Unlimited plans tend to be especially important to those who stream lots of audio or video. Otherwise their bandwidth expense become prohibitive.

Green Web Hosting

Green businesses are especially interested in choosing green web hosts. One of our favorite green web hosts is FatCow. This ultra-cheap webhost has a clever cow theme and an easy-to-use interface. It’s powered completely by wind energy.

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