VPS Hosting – What Is It And Could It Be The Solution For You?

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What is Virtual Private ServersToday, most companies rely on a number of things to succeed. While things like quality employees, a clear business plan, and strong word of mouth are important, so is the overall infrastructure that a business is built on. As such, it’s important to give a business all the tools for success that are available. A VPS hosting service could be one of the smartest moves any company makes thanks to the numerous benefits it offers over other options. If you’re not sure what VPS hosting is, why it’s a good call, and whether or not it’s the right call for you, a closer look could help tremendously.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and this type of hosting is just what it sounds like. It’s a virtual machine that operates in the same way as a standard physical machine, and is usually offered as a service rather than as a hardware sale. Instead of having to install a large extra server to handle new tasks or to expand current capabilities, these virtual servers run their own copies of a specific operating system and allow the client to access the OS. It’s a perfect choice for storage as well as for other uses.

The practice of VPS hosting is similar to the partitioning that many users utilize on their computer hard drives. Essentially a single server is segmented into two or more partitions. These partitions then act as multiple servers that can be accessed by different users. With VPS hosting, a single server could be providing separate server instances for multiple businesses without any of the businesses being able to access the other’s information. The below image demonstrates the technical side of a VPS host service.

technical side of a VPS hosting


The biggest drawback is simply that in some cases the VPS will run slightly slower than a standard server due to the fact that several entities may be accessing the physical server at one time. In most cases this is a negligible issue, but in some instances it could be an issue – particularly when the highest possible speed is needed.

As for the benefits of using VPS hosting, there are numerous reasons that highlight why so many different users have turned to this type of hosting. The benefits include:

  • Lower Costs – Using a VPS system means paying a flat monthly fee instead of spending a huge upfront investment in hardware. There’s no need to purchase a large physical server that will eventually have to be upgraded.
  •  Reduced Maintenance – Similarly, users of VPS hosting services don’t have to spend thousands each year paying their IT team to handle the system. Downtime is always scheduled at convenient times and handled by the hosting service, which frees up a company’s IT team to focus on other, more important things.
  • Less Space – Anyone who has ever seen some of the server rooms of large businesses knows that the machines can take up a tremendous amount of space. With VPS services the space is minimal since the servers are often stored elsewhere. And even on-site virtual servers use less space since multiple servers will be housed on a single machine.
  • Easier, Cheaper Expansion – As a company grows its server needs will likely increase as well. It’s much easier and affordable to scale upwards with VPS setups than with other options thanks to their overall nature. In short, these systems grow and improve alongside your company.
  • Better Security – VPS systems are often more secure than others. They are fully protected from issues like malware, viruses, spyware, and even from hackers. This is particularly true when compared to public networks and even on-site intranet systems which can be compromised by one reckless employee. And since VPS providers pride themselves on providing high quality security, it makes sense that the systems are well protected. And VPS systems usually provide evidence of security so you know they’re safe to utilize.

Of course, the simple fact is that a VPS hosting service may simply not be the right fit for every business. In some cases another option works better – usually when there are security, administrative, or speed concerns. But in most instances a VPS will offer some very clear advantages like those above.

There are plenty of different types of businesses that can utilize VPS hosting, and it’s important to take a closer look at what the systems offer and determine whether or not they’re right for you and your business.

The key is to take a moment and consider what your situation is and whether or not VPS is right for it. Here are some of the main types of users of a VPS setup.

  • Those who need general hosting for a website. Instead of hosting a website internally, using a VPS system is a more affordable and intuitive option.
  • Those with a need for storage. Storing data on a VPS system is much easier in most instances and more affordable.
  • Those who have begun to try out new services but who don’t want to risk influencing the current setup on a machine. By using a VPS, it’s possible to experiment without risking anything at all.
  • Those who want to quarantine a program. It’s easy to run applications that aren’t fully known or trusted on a separate VPS server and avoid any damage to the primary system.

These are just a few uses of a VPS. In most cases, VPS hosting is a more generalized process. It’s a perfect solution when you are setting up a website or need server access but don’t want to spend thousands buying and setting up new equipment. There are countless reasons that thousands of other businesses already rely on VPS hosting daily, and in most cases it will be the right choice for you.

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If you’re considering VPS, be sure to take a minute to look at a few key things including your storage needs, speed, security, and capabilities. A VPS can be set up to run with any current OS, so the specifics are all you need to concern yourself with.

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